Citrus Aurantium

  • Bitter orange, Seville orange, bigarade orange, or marmalade orange is the citrus tree Citrus Aurantium and its fruit. It is native to Southeast Asia and has been spread by humans to many parts of the world. It is probably a cross between the pomelo, Citrus maxima, and the mandarin orange, Citrus reticulata.
  • FAMILY: Citrus
  • USES An evergreen, flowering, erect, large perennial hybrid shrub or small tree with compact growth and a densely branched, rounded canopy.
  • SIZE:6 – 9 Metre
  • LOCATION: Full sun to partial shade
  • SOIL: Organically enriched dune sand
  • FERTILISER:Lutz 8.4.8. with trace elements – Spring

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